TY Walker was only 7 years old when his father, an archeologist went on an assignment deep in the extremely dense, Darien Gap, one of the most dangerous jungles in the world located between Colombia and Panama. Three months into his father’s assignment, WALKER’s mother got word that his father had been abducted by Guerilla Military Forces. Authorities told them that they had lost all communication and there was nothing that they could do. WALKER’s mother shared this information with him. Extremely saddened by this but refusing to let his father go out like this, he sat in his room for several days and nights devising a plan to rescue his dad. WALKER knew with the survival skills that his mother and father taught him plus his boy scout training that although this jungle was one of the most dangerous in the world, he would be ok. So he studied a map of the jungle, read several books about these guerilla members and then began watching several kung fu and rescue films like, “The Goonies”, “Indian Jones” (Raiders of the Lost Arc), “The Five Deadly Venoms” and “The Karate Kid”. With the invaluable knowledge learned from these films, WALKER was ready. Packed with only his back pack filed with his Rambo 9294 First Blood, Standard Edition 14 inch, plain blade, with the nylon cord knife, a compass, rope, 3 packs of Bubble Yum and several honey buns, he snuck out of the house, jumped on his BMX bike and headed for a small military air force base. WALKER was familiar with this air force base because prior to becoming an archeologist, WALKER’s father was a Navy seal and would often still visit his friends at that base. Once there, he easily moved passed the guards and jumped into a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor fighter jet. He fired it up and was off. The Air-Force had no idea what had just hit them. Years of watching “Top Gun” had paid off. WALKER was an extremely skillful pilot but there was only one issue, it was low on fuel. WALKER had researched an approximate area that he believed the Guerillas were keeping his father but with his fuel low, there was no way he would make it. So he strapped on his parachute and bailed out. He’d have to walk the rest of the way through the peril jungle. After 7 days of living on the land, during a seasonal monsoon and fighting off everything from blood sucking bats, poison-dart frogs, jaguars and vipers , he arrived in the small village of The Embera People. The Embera Chamí are one of the indigenous tribes of Colombia. The meaning of Embera Chami is -People from the mountain. During the Pre-Columbian era the Embera were known as Indians “Choco” or “Chocoes”. They were, in their origins a Nomadic group dedicated to hunting, fishing and harvesting. They welcomed WALKER with open arms and taught him their language. They even named him “Dark Brave Eagle”. After regaining his strength, he was off and fully focused on one thing, saving his father! After two days of swimming down a river (it was the best way to go undetected) he noticed a small boat filled with armed guerillas! He swam to it and grabbed on. He knew that they would lead him right to where his father was being held. Night fell and the men arrived at a small village filled with armed soldiers. They docked the boat and began unloading. WALKER waited and then made his move. Although exhausted from having to hang onto to the side of the boat and be dragged through out the water for the last 7 hours, he knew he had to keep going. The men where off guard. It was the perfect time strike. Armed with only his knife, one by one he began to take out the militia until he spotted his father and his team. They were in bad shape. They were caged and hadn’t eaten in weeks. WALKER gave them all of the honey buns that he packed and the left over crocodile that he had killed and cooked earlier then forced them all to muster up any energy they had left and follow him back to the river. Once at the river, they all jumped back on the boat that was left there and headed upstream. WALKER took them back to the Embera Chami village where they were nursed back to good health and two days later they journeyed out of the jungle, safely. Thirty something years later, WALKER still visits his Embera Chami friends at least once a year. WALKER’s mother and father continue to live happily in Texas.


After graduating college, WALKER went on to work for IBM Global Services were he was a project manager who worked all over the world, from Africa to Madrid to Costa Rica. However, his love for storytelling and the amazing films that captivated him during his childhood led him to pursue a career in film and television. After a few years at IBM, Walker decided he was going to began producing his own content. Since then he has produced, line produced and managed a plethora of feature length movies, television shows and new media content. Over the years, Walker has made his mark in the industry as a leading producer and has become known for passionately producing projects of various genres and budgets around the globe under his company, TYCOR INTERNATIONAL FILM COMPANY, INC. Walker has successfully produced/line produced films such as the 2012 Sundance hit, “BLUE CAPRICE”, directed by Alexandre Moors, starring Isaiah Washington, “OMPHALOS”, a sci-fi feature starring Emmanuelle Chriqui and Edoardo Ballerini, “ALL THAT I AM”, the SXSW Grand Jury & Audience winning film directed by Carlos Puga, “JULIA”, the soon to be released noir horror, lensed by Icelandic Oscar nominated cinematographer, Bergsteinn Björgúlfsson, “REDRUM”, the Investigative Discovery Channel show that set a new record with the Discovery Channel, with the biggest opening night in history and highest audience ratings and “CARTER HIGH”, starring Charles S. Dutton, Vivica Fox, Pooch Hall, Reginald C. Hayes and David Banner. Some of Walker’s most recent projects are “IMPERIUM”, the American terrorist thriller starring Daniel Radcliffe, Toni Collette and Tracy Letts, released by Lionsgate Premiere in late 2016, Animal Planets hit show “THE VET LIFE”, “INHERIT THE VIPER” starring Josh Hartnett, Margarita Levieva, Owen Teague and Bruce Dern, Netflix’s highly talked about series, “TRIGGER WARNING” and CBS’s sitcom, HOT DATE to name a few.


Walker is known amongst his family, friends and peers as a global explorer, adventurer, learner, writer, fashion designer (BEACH BRITCHES). travel extremist, a huge supporter of ocean cleanups and conservancies, a creative and just an overall good guy. His zest for life and all that it has to offer has been the driving force behind his ability to remain creative and produce high-quality content for a wide spectrum of genres and platforms. Walker’s love doesn’t stop there. He is also an avid scuba diver and pilot. Walker has over 150 dives with in the Mediterranean Sea, Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Atlanta Ocean, Gulf and Indian Ocean.

Walker’s love for travel, nature, sports, adventure had made him an invaluable asset to productions. Having worked on such a diverse mix of projects in various roles, Walker is adaptable and highly-skilled at making things happen regardless of his location. His travels have made him an expert and through his work on global projects in Colombia, Africa, Mexico, England and the Caribbean Islands, Walker’s international resume is backed by hands-on location and travel experience.

Community is also extremely important to Walker. He is currently developing a film program in order to provide at risk youth an opportunity to share their creativity and learn the film industry.

Life is an adventure. Enjoy the journey!